I’m Josh Sowin.

CEO @ Brainjolt

helping people save money on great products

🌐 Founder @ Hypertext Foundation

a 501(c)3 supporting the arts + tech

🧩 Co-founder @ Blue Kazoo

Beautiful, sustainable jigsaw puzzles.


Welcome internet traveler… you’ve reached my information superhighway.

Founder vibes


I’ve started over a dozen companies, some of which were acquired and others that were hilarious failures learning opportunities.

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Projectzzz + stuff

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The world’s first AI font (May 2024)
Y2K Hats (Apr 2024)
rick.exe (Feb 2024)
BeepBox Music Demo (Feb 2024)
Hypertext Foundation (Dec 2023)
Windows Dialog Game (Dec 2023)
Useless Website (Dec 2023)
Deals Newsletter (Nov 2023)
Rate Limits (Oct 2023)
Takeout Discovery Platform (Private Beta, Aug 2023)
AI Search Trends (Jan 2023)
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An occasional newsletter

I write a newsletter about my web wanderings:

AI-nerd // crypto-dabbler


I’ve been fascinated with crypto since 2013 when I did my first bitcoin transaction just so I wouldn’t become an old man left in the dark ages. Been through a fair share of rug pulls.

In 2022 I became an AI influencer for a few weeks on TikTok. I knew I had achieved True Influencer Status because a friend of Emily mentioned a video they saw and she was like, yeah, that’s Josh and I edited it. After that, I faded back into comfortable obscurity.

I had a small resurgence with my 800% slower series (Windows XP was the big hit) which resulted in a lot of PC makers in my dms.

An… enigma?

┻┳| ┳┻| _ ┻┳| •.•) ┳┻|⊂ノ ┻┳|

Someone once told me ”you’re an enigma, man” in the most California voice I’ve ever heard. Was it a compliment or a criticism? I never asked.

I’m SO ready to judge you, tell me some stuff ➜


I’ve long since given up on email, but give it a try, it’s not hard to guess at this domain.